The American Automobile & The American Motors Corporation

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The American Motors Corporation
Plainfield, NJ

The American was one of the many assembled car built in the early 1900s. This American Automobile was built by The American Motors Corporation of Plainfield, NJ from 1916 to 1924.

In 1920 production of the American reached about 1,500 units at their factory in Plainfield, NJ.

For a short time, racing driver Louis Chevrolet served as Vice-President and Chief Engineer of The American Motors Corporation.
Evidence of that can be seen in the 1918 American Motors Corporation advertisement shown below.

1918 American
1918 American Six

In this advertisement The American Motors Corporation promoted the fact that Louis Chevrolet put his stamp of approval on every American made. “OK Chevrolet” could be found under the hood just beneath the name plate.

1920 American

First it was the American Six then it was known as the American Balanced Six “With Miles of Smiles”. The American was referring to it’s balance chassis for smoother rides. The American was produced as a Touring Car, Roadsters and Sedans. All had a 122 inch wheelbase and 45 horsepower six cylinder engines.

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