The Amco Automobile and American Motors Inc.

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American Motors Inc.
New York, New York

American Motors Inc. of New York City produced an assembled automobile for export only in the early 1920s. The company has forty one foreign branches to take care of business in Europe. The Amco was designed by D. M. Eller and he expected to produce 7000 to 8000 automobiles in 1920.

The Amco was a four door 5 passenger Touring Car and was priced at almost $1400.00 plus freight. It’s slogan was “The car for any clime or climb”.

1920 Amco Advertisement
1920 Amco Advertisement

The Amco was equipped with a Herschell-Spillman four cylinder 192.4 cubic inch 19.6 horsepower engine. Features include a three speed selective type transmission, 114 inch wheelbase, Artillery type wheels, 31 inch x 4 inch wheels, leather interior and one man
top. See additional features below.

1920 Amco Specifications
1920 Amco Specifications

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