The Amalgamated Automobile & The Amalgamated Machinery Corp.

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The Amalgamated Machinery Corporation
Chicago, IL
The Amalgamated Machinery Corporation of 72 West Adams Street in Chicago, Illinois came into prominence during the first World War through the design and manufacturing of shell and gun machinery, and ordnance machinery. When the war ended the Amalgamated Machinery Corporation entered the American Automobile market.
Prior to World War 1 The Amalgamated Machinery Corporation built a high quality six cylinder engine. After the war it built a very few Amalgamated assembled cars and only a few were produced.

1917 Amalagated Six Cylinder Engine
1917 Amalagated Six Cylinder Engine

This six cylinder engine made by The Amalgamated Machinery Corporation in 1917 had positive valve action in which the valve actuating mechanism was positively controlled in both opening and closing. The six cylinder model has a bore of 3 1/4 inches and a stroke of 4 1/2 inches. The single camshaft is mounted directly upon the cylinder block, and the height required for the cams and valve mechanism is said to compare favorably with that necessary for the conventional T or L-head engines.

We are looking for Amalagated automobile photographs or vintage Amalagated advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Fedders Radiator and Kelly Springfield Tire ad from a vintage 1911 magazine.

Fedders Radiator and Kelly-Springfield Tire Advertisement
Fedders Radiator and Kelly-Springfield Tire Advertisement

The Fedders Mfg. Works of Buffalo, N.Y. produced the Fedders Square Tube Radiator for Packard, Pierce, Haynes, Matheson, National, Gaeth Thomas and other American Automobile manufacturers. The Consolidated Rubber Tire Co. of New York were dealers in the popular Kelly-Springfield Automobile Tires. Advertisement included a review of tires used on a 40 horsepower Locomobile.

1913 American Automobiles
1913 American Automobiles

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