The Alter Automobile & The Alter Motor Car Co.

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The Alter Motor Car Co.
Plymouth, MI

The Alter was an American Automobile built by The Alter Motor Car Co. of Plymouth, MI beginning in 1914. Clarence Alter designed the Alter and it was made of assembled parts.

The Alter was reasonably successful, having sold over 1,000 units in its first year.

However, the company faltered and folded after three years when its investors failed to raise more cash to expand operations.

1914 Alter Touring Car
1914 Alter Touring Car

The 1914 Alter was a five passenger Touring Car with a 108 inch wheel base and priced at $685.00. It was equipped with a four cylinder engine rated at 22 Horsepower. In 1916 a 201 cubic inch six cylinder engine was equipped on a 116 inch wheel base chassis. The 1917 Alter’s used two sizes of Lycoming four cylinder engines.

1914-1917 Alter Factory Plymouth, MI
1914-1917 Alter Factory – Plymouth, MI

The Alter Motor Car Co. main factory was located on Farmer Street in in Plymouth, MI and in 1917 another factory was built in Grand Haven, MI. The company failed that same year.

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