The Alstel – Macon Automobile & The All-Steel Motor Car Co.

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Alstel, All Steel or Macon
The All-Steel Motor Car Co.
Macon, MO

The Alstel was a very unusual American Automobile built by The All-Steel Motor Car Co. of Macon, Mo in 1915, 1916 and 1917. The Alstel was also known as the All-Steel or Macon. The All Steel Motor Car Company shocked the automobile industry with their 1915-1917 models. E. J. Spencer was president and O. A. Trolicht, secretary.

Charles L Smith designed an American Automobile that was something new and different. The Alstel was known as the car without out a chassis. The two rear wheels and a ball and joint socket in the center of the front cross member of the body formed the true three point suspension. Absolute straight line drive was accomplished by eliminating universal joints.

1916 Alstel
1916 Alstel

By disconnecting the ball joint, brakes and springs the entire body could be removed. This was convent and economical since a new body could be installed for the price of repairing and painting the old one. An electrically welded unit body and three point suspension were two of Alstel selling points. At $465.00 the Alstel was advertised as the American Automobile without a chassis.

1916 Alstel Chassis
1916 Alstel Chassis

The company was to manufacture a roadster to sell at $350 and a touring car at $410. The capacity of the plant was be about 100 cars a day, and about 175 men were to be employed by 1915. However, only a five passenger Touring Car was produced and it had a rather conventional 4-cylinder engine. The transmission was mounted on the rear axle. With a price of only $425.00 in 1915 and $465.00 in 1916 one wonders why the Alstel did not survive.

In 1917 Macon Motor Car Co. took over All-Steel assets. In 1917 the Macon Motor Car Co., was organized to take over the business and assets of the All-Steel Motor Car Co., which had been dissolved by order of the court.

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