The Allstate Automobile & The Kaiser-Frazer Motor Car Co.

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The Kaiser-Frazer Motor Car Co.
Kingston, NY

The Allstate was a 1950s American Automobile built by The Kaiser-Frazer Motor Car Co. of Kingston, NY and sold though Sears. The Allstate was merely a Henry J with a redesigned front end. Kaiser-Frazer dealers resented the prospect of mail order competition. The Allstate sales was confined to a few test market Sears stores in the South and Southwest where the Kaiser-Frazer dealer network was weak.

The Henry J Allstate was a compact two door sedan powered by a side valve engine of four or six cylinders. The four cylinder Allstate had outstanding fuel econony of up to 35 MPG. The batteries, tires, tubes and spark plugs were Sears make Allstate.

1953 Allstate Advertisement
1953 Allstate Advertisement

Specifications include a top speed of 80 MPH, 68 horsepower four cylinder, 80 horsepower six cylinder. Prices ranged for $1,395 to $1,693 in 1952 and $1,528 to 1,785 in 1953. Fewer than 2,500 Allstates were produced over two years.

Restored 1952 Allstate
Restored 1952 Allstate

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