The Allen Automobile & The Allen Iron & Steel Company

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The Allen Iron & Steel Company
Philadelphia, PA

The Allen Iron & Steel Company produced this American Automobile in Philadelphia for only two years, 1913 and 1914. Another Allen automobile was made in Ohio from 1914 to 1922.

Not much is known about this Allen automobile. In fact the following note in the 1913 Automobile Trade Journal page 84 had the following statement indicating that the Allen maybe a Cyclecar.

“The Allen Iron & Steel Company, Third and Venango Streets, Philadelphia, PA, announces that it is building cycle cars and intends to manufacture them in quanity”. with a 108 inch wheelbase and a 44 inch track or tread it could have been classified as a Cyclecar. The 1913 models featured a two cylinder engine, while the 1914 models had a water cooled four cylinder. These models also had a friction transmission, shaft drive and cost $450.00. Philip M. Maloney was the owner of The Allen Iron & Steel Company.

We are looking for Allen automobile photographs or vintage Allen advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Zenith Carburetor ad from a vintage 1915 magazine.

1915 Zenith Carburetor
1915 Zenith Carburetor Detroit, MI

In the 1915 Zenith Carburetor advertisement above – claims made include – “The Zenith is the ideal carburetor for Touring Cars and Trucks” and “The best proporation of gasoline and air can be maintained with a Zenith Carburetor”.

1919 American Automobile
1919 American Automobile

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