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Allen Motor Co. Fostoria, Bucyrus & Columbus, Ohio

E.W. and W.O. Allen began business in 1914 by acquiring the Peabody Buggy Company in Fostoria, Ohio and the Columbia Buggy Company in Columbus Ohio. The Allen Bros. them produced an American Automobile named, The Allen. The early Allen automobiles used 221 cubic inch four-cylinder L-head engine designed by L.A. Sommer of Bucyrus, Ohio.

However, by 1916 the Allen brothers had bought L. A. Sommer out and produced their own engines. The Allen Brother’s company was strongly involved in the war effort during World War I. So much so that they went bankrupt in 1922. However, the post war era in the early 1920s appeared promising. The early 1920s saw very little engineering improvements but styling was much better and sales were up.

1917 Allen Classic Touring Cars
1917 Allen Classic Touring Cars

In a 1917 Allen Motor Company magazine ad the cost of a 4 door touring car was $795.00. This car had a powerful 37 horsepower 4 cylinder engine. In addition the wheelbase was 12 inches, weight 2300 pounds, full floating axle and more.  the ad also mentions "The Allen" is also made in other body styles and three classic finishes.

1917 Allen advertising said – Go Hunt a car that is big enough for comfort, that is compact enough and light enough to keep tire expense down and gasoline mileage up and that has a fine finish and good looks.  Go hunt that car and you will find none under $1000.00 that fulfills these requirements so completely as does the Allen.

Restored 1921 Allen
Restored 1921 Allen Model No.43
4 Door Touring Car

In 1922 the Allen was produced as a Roadster, Touring Car, Art Craft Roadster, Art Craft Touring Car and a Sedan. The 1922 Allen was equipped with a four cylinder engine that had almost 20 horsepower. Transmission was a Selective sliding type with three speeds forward and one reverse.

1922 Allen Motor Company
1922 Allen Motor Company

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