The Aldo Automobile & The Albaugh-Dover Co.

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The Albaugh-Dover Co.
Chicago, Illinois

The Albaugh-Dover Co. of Chicago, Illinois produced an American Automobile called the Aldo from 1910 to 1911.

The Aldo was equipped with a air cooled opposed two cylinder engine engine rated at 7 horsepower. It had a planetary transmission with double chain drive, and tiller steering.

The Albaugh-Dover plant was located on the Burlington railroad line in Chicago, IL. This company not only manufactured and distributed the Aldo automobile but also furniture, gears, cream separtors and washing machines. This company also produced a line of Albaugh-Dover tractors shown below.

We are looking for Aldo automobile photographs or vintage Aldo advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this 1917 Albaugh Dover Tractor ad from a vintage 1917 magazine and the old postcard of the Albaugh Dover Factory.

1917 Albaugh Dover Tractor
1917 Albaugh Dover Tractor

Albaugh Dover Factory
Albaugh Dover Factory

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