The Airway Automobile & The T.P. Hall Engineering Co.

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The T.P. Hall Engineering Co.
San Diego, CA

The Airway often called “The Vicinity Car” in their advertising was an American Minicar that was very popular following World War II. The Airway was almost as large conventional American Automobiles with it’s 100 inch wheelbase and 50 inch tread width. The Airway could seat two passengers in the front and had room for more in the rear with an optional seat.

T. P. Hall formed The T.P. Hall Engineering Co. to produce the Airway Minicar. The Airway was priced sell at $500.00.

1950 Airway Minicar
1950 Airway Minicar

Features included an air cooled 10 horsepower Onam engine mounted in the rear, 50 miles per gallon, all aluminum body and chassis and single fluid drive transmission. The Airway was one of the many post war minicars that failed to get into large scale production.

1950 Airway VICINITY Car
1950 Airway “VICINITY” Car

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