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The Aerocar Co. Detroit, Michigan

The Aerocar was available in several different models. The 1907 Model C Touring Runabout was a new design and a rare beauty.

The advertising below mentions the oil paint finish as wear proof and scar proof. One interesting feature was the new Aeroplane Mud Guards – “Which lightens the car and makes steering easy, no mud can reach body or occupant.” Wheels on this model were 36 inch. The motor is air cooled and silent

The model C Touring Runabout sold for $2,000.00. The Aerocar Model A Touring Car which was a 5 passenger automobile cost $2,500.00 in 1907. The Aerocar used 4 cylinder engine both air cooled and water cooled.

1907 The Aerocar Company

Drive train specifications included – 28 Horsepower, four cylinder vertical inline, air cooled, ignition is jump spark, transmission is a three speed sliding gear with forward and reverse and leather clutch.

1908 The Aerocar Company Detroit, Michigan Advertising
1908 The Aerocar Company Detroit, Michigan Advertising

In this 1908 Aerocar advertisement “There is no getting away from these cars at these prices!” The 08 models were equipped with 20 or 40 horsepower air or water cooled four cylinder engines, multiple disc clutches, sliding gear transmissions and shaft drive. A Model E was priced at $1500.00, Model D at $1500.00 and a Model E at $2200.00.

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