The Aerocar – The Flying Automobile & The Aerocar Inc.

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The Aerocar Inc.
Longview, WA

The Aerocar was an American Automobile that could fly. It was created retired Navy Commander Molt B. Taylor. It was a four passenger sedan which could be fitted with wings and fly. The first official flight occurred in late 1949 and continued testing and design improvements were made all through the early 1950s.

By 1951 The Aerocar Inc. was supported by 75 stockholders. Taylor was hoping to build Aerocar’s for the Civil Aviation Authority and the U.S. Army. After raising almost one million dollars for further testing and Civil Aviation Authority certification testing a demonstration models was produced in 1954. On December 14, 1956 Commander Taylor was presented with the official Civil Aviation Authority Type Certificate approval.

Three In One - Aerocar
Three In One – Aerocar

In this advertisement the Aerocar was promoted as a Flying Automobile. The Aerocar was a complete aircraft, fully mobile and a complete car. As a complete car the wings and tail could be loaded on a trailer.

The Aerocar - The Flying Automobile
The Aerocar – The Flying Automobile

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