The Adelphia Automobile & The Winfield Barnes Co.

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The Winfield Barnes Co.
Philadelphia, PA 1920

The Adelphia was an American Automobiles built in Philadelphia, PA for export only. Very few Adelphia automobiles were made in Philadelphia, PA in the 1920s.

The Adelphia was a medium sized automobile with a four cylinder engine made by Herschell-Spillman.

We are looking for Adelphia automobile photographs or vintage Adelphia advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Dillon Lens & Mfg. Co. ad from a vintage 1920 magazine.

1920s Dillon Lens & Mfg. Co. Wheeling, WV
1920s Dillon Lens & Mfg. Co. Wheeling, WV

In the 1920s automobile drivers used this accessory to see where they were going in a safer way. Claims that the Dillon lens gave a clear view of the whole roadway. The
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. supplied these lens for Dillon Lens & Mfg. Co.

1928 Chevrolet
1928 Chevrolet

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