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The Apex Corporation
Ypsilanti, Michigan 1920-1922

The Apex Corporation of Ypsilanti, Michigan produced an American Automobile for only two short years. The factory was located on South River Street in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

In 1921 two sixes were available, one with a 117 inch wheelbase and the other with a 123 inch wheelbase. Made were Coupes and Touring Cars. Prices ranged from $1295.00 for a 4 cylinder to over $3,000 for a Touring Car with a six cylinder.

The Ace automobile used a Gray-Bell 4 cylinder and Herschell-Spillman 4 cylinder engines. In addition Ace used Continental Six cylinder engines.

1921 Ace Coupe
1921 Ace Coupe

We are looking for additional Ace automobile photographs or vintage Ace advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Michelin Tire ad from a vintage 1917 magazine.

1917 Michelin Tire Ad
1917 Michelin Tire Ad
Four Reasons Why You Should Use Michelin Tires!

1920s American Automobile
1920s American Automobile – Delivery Wagon

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