The Acadia Automobile & The Ernest R. Kelly Co.

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Ernest R. Kelly Co.
Wilmington, Delaware 1904

The Acadia was an American Automobile produced in Wilmington, Delaware by Ernest R. Delaware. It was a small two passenger runabout with the engine located under the seat. Made only in 1904 the Acadia features include wheel steering, single chain drive and wire wheels.

1904 Acadia
1904 Acadia – Wilmington, Delaware Automobile

1904 Acadia advertisement claimed that “The Acadia – A Light but Elegant-Looking runabout” The Acadia was “Simple, Quiet and Powerful Carriage”.

1916 Johnson's Black-Lac
1916 Johnson’s Black-Lac

Johnson’s Black-Lac was good for touching up leather cushions, side curtains, tire covers, auto trunks and linings.  Claimed it was great for Pantasote tops and Mohair tops.

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