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The Deere was an American Automobile built by The Deere-Clark Motor Car Co. in 1906 and 1907. Charles Deere was president of the The Deere-Clark Motor co. and W. E. Clark was vice-president.

The Deere is reported to have succeeded the Deere-Clark in 1906 also built by the Deere-Clark Motor Car Co. of Moline, IL.

A labor strike stopped production and lawsuits were filed for failure to deliver cars. The Deere-Clark Motor Co. declared bankruptcy in 1907.

1906 Deere Touring Car
1906 Deere Touring Car

The 1906 Deere was six years in development and it was quiet and smooth running. It was equipped with a four cylinder 22-24 horsepower engine. Two models were built by the Deere-Clark Motor Car Co. a Touring Car and a Roadster.

1906 Deere
1906 Deere

The Deere Type "B" for 1907 was a five passenger touring car with a four cylinder engine rated at 25 to 30 horsepower according to the 1907 magazine ads below. The price for the Type "B" was $2500.00 which was high even for a well built car in the early 1900. The same type automobile built by Ford Motor Co. sold for less than 1250.00 or half the cost of the 1907 Deere.

1907 Deere-Clark Motor Car Co. Magazine Ad
1907 Deere-Clark Motor Car Co.
1907 Deere
1907 Deere Automobile
Click on image above to see full size!

According to the above magazine ad and others, W. C. Clark wanted to manufacturer an American Automobile that was a "Masterpiece of Mechanical Art" and did not want to use any radical or experimental features. Instead the Deere-Clark Motor touring cars were simple, durable and satisfactory.

Below is an image of 1907 Deere-Clark Gentleman's Roadster. The wheel base was 106 inches, standard color was red but others could be ordered, Tires were 34 inches by 4 inches. Motor was a 4 cylinder, water cooled, also rated at 25-30 horsepower just like the touring car pictured above. This automobile also sold for $2500.00. For an additional $100.00 a top could be purchased as an option.

1907 Deere Type C Gentleman's Roadster
1907 Deere Type "C" Gentleman's Roadster

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